Better Suspension Means a Safer Ride

Get a Safer and More Responsive Steering

Get great suspension and steering services at Cleon's Auto Repair. Whether you're on a crowded highway or a lonely road, you need to be sure that you can count on your steering systems. Call us for repair or replacement of your steering parts.
Do you want to replace a specific part, like a steering column but don't know how much it will cost? Contact us for a FREE estimate today.

Keep Your Wheels in Working Order

Bumpy and uneven roads can wreak havoc on your suspension, but when you visit us, we'll realign your wheels using the latest alignment technology. We have been in business since 1989, so we'll get your suspension working right in no time.
Do you need a new brake drum or rotor? Visit us and get it replaced by our expert technicians today.
Get a 1-year WARRANTY on your replacement auto parts. To learn more call us at 
We're your go-to source for top-notch suspension repair and replacement services. Get in touch with us today. 
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